Let a water softener solve your water problems

Water SoftenersIn South Africa we are prone to the devastation of hard water. Hard water is caused by the calcium and magnesium that is in the ground water.

The municipality does not remove these elements during their water purification process. The calcium and magnesium causes lime scale build up in the plumbing, creates a crust over heating elements like geyser elements, breals kettle elements, cloggs up solar geyser piping and much more.

These create direct financial losses and could be devestating to your budget.

The other problem is the while spots that are left on your dishes after washing, the spots on your shower, the crust that forms around tap openings and of course not forgetting the soap that does not dissolve well in the water forcing you to use more soap than required.

These are all reasons for you to consider installing a water softener in your home. The long term savings and just the better quality of water will more than pay for itself.